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A Bit About Me

My name is Amanda Parola, and I'm a Senior Manager of Talent Development and L&D. I'm an expert in building L&D teams from scratch and utilizing Agile project management. I believe that every person has the capacity to learn and grow, and I strive to create engaging and effective learning experiences that inspire and empower.


Al Youn, Head of Operations Excellence at Side

"Amanda impressed me from our first conversation during her interview at Side. Amanda redesigned an essentially non-existent Customer Training Team at Side and built it to the robust operation we have today. She very ably worked cross-functionally and collaboratively to create a training program for our customers who historically aren't interested at all in learning new things. She excelled at engaging sometimes very hostile and resistant real estate agents and took delight in changing mindsets and building knowledge. All this with an incredibly enthusiastic attitude that she carried throughout her tenure. Amanda is an incredible asset to any company and I hope to work with her again."
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